March 6, 2022
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Women of the Baroque

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Rachell Ellen Wong

Extraordinary composers Francesca Caccini, Barbara Strozzi, Isabella Leonarda, and Élisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre, are featured in some of the best vocal and instrumental chamber music of the Baroque era.

Kennedy’s graceful tonal clarity was a wonder to hear.

The San Francisco Chronicle


Michele Kennedy


Ingrid Matthews


Lindsey Strand-Polyak


Elisabeth Reed


Byron Schenkman



Isabella Leonarda:

Trio-Sonata TBA

Francesca Caccini

Aria Ardo Infelice for soprano and continuo

Francesca Caccini

Aria sopra la Romanesca for violin and continuo

Barbara Strozzi:

Aria Costume de grandi, op. 2, no. 4, for soprano, two violins and continuo

Barbara Strozzi:

Aria La Vendetta, op. 2, no. 9, for soprano, two violins, and continuo

Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre:

Chaconne from “L’isle de Delos” for soprano, violin, and continuo

Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre:

Trio-Sonata TBA

Isabella Leonarda:

Motet  Cara Regina, op. 20, no. 2 for soprano, two violins, and continuo

“Flamboyance and tender eloquence…”

— San Francisco
Chronicle, Datebook


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