April 24, 2022
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Schumann Fairy Tales & Fantasies

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Thomas Carroll

The Romantic imagination comes to life in Robert Schumann’s “Pictures from the East” for piano duet, “Fantasy Pieces” for clarinet and piano, and “Fairy Tales” for clarinet, viola, and piano, plus works by Max Bruch and Elisabeth von Saxe Meiningen.

“Mr. Carroll was entirely admirable — sweet and agile — in the dazzling clarinet solo.”

— New York Times


Thomas Carroll


Jason Fisher


Byron Schenkman


Joseph Williams



R. Schumann:

Pictures from the East, op. 66, for piano, four hands

Elisabeth von Saxe-Meiningen:

Romance for clarinet and piano

R. Schumann:

Fantasy Pieces, op. 73, for clarinet and piano

R. Schumann:

Fairy Tales for clarinet, viola, and piano

Max Bruch:

Romanian melody and Song of the Night for clarinet, viola, and piano

“exciting… exquisite solo playing of Mr. Carroll.”

— The Wall Street Journal


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