April 19, 2020

Beethoven’s Archduke Trio

Beethoven’s Trio in E flat, Op. 1 No. 1, Violin Sonata in C Minor, and Trio in B flat op 97, The Archduke.

“Byron Schenkman pushes the limits in classical music”

— Roberta Cruger, The Advocate


Rachell Ellen Wong


Nathan Whittaker


Byron Schenkman



Ludwig van Beethoven:

Trio in E-flat Major, op. 1, no. 1

Ludwig van Beethoven:

Sonata in C Minor, op. 30, no. 2

Ludwig van Beethoven:

Trio in B-flat Major, op. 97 “Archduke”

“Terrific music-making by colleagues whose enjoyment and passion drew the audience in.”

— Thomas May, Memeteria


Program Notes

Coming soon.



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